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Clu 2.0
17 June 2022 @ 05:18 pm
The system requires that I make one of these to properly maintain order. See a problem with the code?

Comments screened, Anon On, IP logging off
Clu 2.0
17 June 2015 @ 05:33 pm
This is pretty applicable to the majority of wherever I RP at. if there's any thing specific to a game, I'll mention it. If you have any questions about something I don't touch base on, by all means, ask. :>

: A-ok. User knows I get behind on things.
Thread-jacking: Usually fine. Ask if wary.
Offensive/Touchy Subjects: The ISOs. At grid_lined , Clu understands that he's not in power there, so he's taking a step back to try and understand them. Questioning how he ran the Grid has also pressed some buttons. Flynn could also be a touchy subject, or just users in general. But by all means, speak freely~.

Violence/Death: I love a good fight, as does Clu, however deresolution is always unfortunate and a tough smell to get out of your gridsuit. I enjoy plotting with folks though, so let's have a chat (at least where death is involved). Random violence is cool with me though, planned or not.

Gen VS Intimacy: I'm all for gen. Helps to build foundations of relationships, positive or negative. I also don't mind intimacy between characters. Sometimes it just leads up to that and it happens, otherwise I also enjoy plotting it out. You could slip a little virus in Clu's drink that makes him lose some of those tightly wound inhibitions. Whatever you bally well please. On a note though, Clu is more prone to sexual encounters if it's with a Flynn or Rinzler if there is no prior relationship established between characters.
  • Kink: I've got a helluvalot of kinks, and I'm pretty a-ok with any kind of sex. Something you wanna try?Ask. Not sure if I'm bueno with it? Ask. Something you are definitely not okay with? Tell me.

Playing with Clu's code?: I am totes okay with this. Do note that only a user can mess with it. If you are a user, but don't have any programming knowledge, or some but nothing too extensive, well. Expect some glitching if you mess with it. Otherwise I am a giant troll and I'm all for anything from serious code alterations to crack ones. Anything from upgrading his performance, to changing his personality, to changing physical aspects like his sex. I will be more than happy to plot this with someone. >:3
Clu 2.0
Maybe your world would have been better off if I had been able to leave The Grid and take over.

 Users are so fragile, aren't they? And so much more lost than programs are. To think that we regarded you as gods, when really, you have so many problems. You users would be lost without us programs, wouldn't you? 

You can't run a system without us.

You wish I could have taken over? Interesting. You would be the first. Not even Flynn wanted that. I don't see why. I was only following the order that he had given me. In the end he just couldn't follow through with what had to be done.

The ISOs? What about them?

I hardly think that that's true. I could have perfected your world.

Not without the ISOs?

Well, too bad I don't have the opportunity to prove you wrong, user.

I want Rinzler. Find me a Rinzler.